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Peter Cheney is a citizen of Neopolis: a city created after WWII by defected Nazi-super-scientists to house the world's growing population of super-beings, science heroes, and everything in between and beyond. Known as "Shock-headed Peter", Pete can generate and shoot electricity, a power granted to him as a child when his family's still was hit by ball lightning. His headset (a pair of gold-colored radio antenna which fit over his ears and swivel around apparently in correlation with how he is feeling) helps him to focus this power, and also allows him to create radio signals. He must wear this at all times (unless severely drained), or he will uncontrollably fry...well, everything. He's vulnerable to water, which causes him to short-out. When he really lets his powers loose, his skull glows through his skin.

The rest of the time he's a tall, freckle-faced redhead, with a weak chin. His arms and legs are lean, but he's fat around his middle. Pete's Southern, a little dim, a little childish, and hopeless with women, but usually well-meaning (usually). His powers make him very effective in combat, and he does try his darnedest to do the right thing, but he can be both hot-headed and incredibly stubborn.

Formerly a cop with Precint Ten (Top 10), Peter was fired after destroying the body of a fellow robotic officer (Joe Pi) in a fit of...mental issues. He suffers from an energy addiction which has been growing steadily worse. He also suffers from an undiagnosed mood disorder which has either been caused or magnified by this addiction and the constant electrical current in his brain. His official Neo P.D. psych profile pegged him for "mild sociopathic tendencies". He's trying to find work as a security guard.

He's also racist against robots. And is dating an android (Sung "Girl Two" Li). You should probably not ask him to explain this.

Peter is generally set after Top 10: Season 2 Special #1, which takes place in late 1999, at approximately the same time as the events of the graphic novel Smax, amd six years before the events of Top 10: Beyond the Farthest Precinct. Although sometimes: he isn't.

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Shock-headed Peter is from the DC/Wildstorm/ABC comic: Top 10. His beliefs and the views expressed here obviously do not represent the beliefs and views of the mun.

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batteries, caesar, clickers, coffee, donuts, duane, football, girl two, large marge's gals, li, neopolis, noho, porno, s.t.o.r.m.s., science heroes, skulls, static cling, the law, top 10, vice, zap
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